Mithril Armories GA/SC140H Space Hawk Ground Attack/Support Craft

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served from 2629 C.E.

[Primary User]


UNSF Army & Marine Corps.



Mithril Armories









1 Pilot


1 Gunner




3.6 Meters



11.3 Meters



7.2 Meters



10.5 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits



1150K [230]



230 Hours



8 Cells




RPG Stats






75 Dam Def



LEV 2 [+4]



15 Dam Def



LRG [16]

[Hit Points]




[4] – Colt PBC25 Medium Particle Beam Cannons

Capable Of Firing A 25 mJ [2d10+5] Pulse Every 4 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] from each barrel out to a range of 750 Meters [150 Feet]; this gun can fire semi-automatically doing 2d10+5 or burst fire doing 5d10 or fully automatic doing 3d20+15. These guns are mounted amidships ventral on the port and in a common turret.

[2] – Colt PBC15 Medium Particle Beam Cannons

Capable Of Firing A 15 mJ [1d10+5] Pulse Every 4 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] from each barrel out to a range of 450 Meters [90 Feet]; this gun can fire semi-automatically doing 1d10+5 or burst fire doing 3d10 or fully automatic doing 2d20+5. These guns are mounted in the ventral nose.

[2] – Under-Wing Hard-Points For Ordnance

Mounted under each wing near the fuselage is a single ordnance hard-point and can mount but is not limited to the following –

· Triple-MER Holding Three Long Range Missiles

· 3-Tube Missile Box Holding 9 Medium Range Missiles

· 5-Tube Missile Box Holding 25 Short Range Missiles

· 1 500kgs. Bomb

· 2 250kgs. Bombs

· Gun Pods

· Rocket Pods

· Sensor/EW Pods

· Cargo Pods

History & Data

The Space Hawk has been the UNSF’s main anti-armor/ground support craft for well over four millennia and has gone through nine evolutions starting with the original GS/AC140 model in 2529 C.E. and ending with the most recent still in service model GS/AC140H that was introduced in 5151 C.E.

These models include the Following –

· GS/AC140 [2629-3564] – Mounted four 51mm cannons and two 40mm cannons.

· GS/AC140A [3539-3588] – Four under-wing hard-points were added, but was later found to be too much weight for the wings and were all upgraded to the GS/AC140B by 3588.

· GS/AC140B [3565-3970] – Upgraded version of GS/AC140A with only one hard-point per wing.

· GS/AC140C [3945-4423] – Twin 40mm cannons downgraded to a single 35mm triple-barrel gatling with larger ammo capacity.

· GS/AC140D [4397-5176] – 51mm Cannons replaced by 15 mJ lasers and 35mm gatling replaced by 5 mJ laser cannons.

· GS/AC140E [4947-5000] – Experimental single seat model with additional sensors added to former gunners section.

· GS/AC140F [4953-5000] – Experimental model replacing the 15 mJ lasers with two long range 5 shot missile pods.

· GS/AC140G [4970-5176] – Short production run with centerline ventral hard-point used for bombs.

· GS/AC140H [5151] – Current production model lasers were replaced with 25 mJ PBCs and 15 mJ PBCs respectively and lacks centerline hard-point from GS/AC140G model.

The Space hawks main job is that of tank and armored vehicle hunter with a secondary purposes of infantry support and anti-bunker duty.

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