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Welcome to the Merc.Net Wiki[edit | edit source]

This Wiki is dedicated to thepen and paper role-playing game company Bag Of Hammers and its projects such as Zombie Hammer and Merc.NET.

Zombie Hammer is post apocalyptic Zombie RPG and Merc.NET is a futuristic campaign setting with super-science, magic, and mental powers.

On this wiki you will find files for the RPG book, and expansions books, as well as seperated articles for just about every character, faction, weapon, vehicles, ships and many other things that populate the Merc.NET Universe.

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Merc.NET is a point based RPG [Role Playing Game] that was created to try and make it easier for players to create a futuristic character. The Merc.NET universe is populated by military, mercenaries, robots, Espers, and magicians and has a rich multi-millenia history allowing players to pick and choose when and where they want to play and with the point based system they can build any type of character that they would like to.

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