Malderon-Class Heavy Aerospace Gunship

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served with the Fantan-Tyerian Republic from 4982 C.E.

[Primary User]


Fantan-Tyerian Navy [Tyerian Crew]



Gadera Satellite Factory









1 Pilot


1 Commander/Weapons Officer


1 Sensor Operator







15.0 Meters



30.0 Meters



25.0 Meters



8,725 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits




[Dry Stores]


1 Week

[Fusion Reactor]



[C-Y Drive]



[Thruster Banks]






RPG Stats

[Turn Radius]








LEV 2 [+4]







[Hit Points]



[2] – Mk.3a Heavy Particle Beam Cannons

Capable of firing a 3000 mJ particle burst every second out to 30,000 kilometers and deals 300d20. These two guns are mounted in the outrigger attached to the ventral bow of the craft.

[4] – Mk.2a Medium Particle Beam Cannons

Capable of firing a 2000 mJ particle burst every second out to 20,000 kilometers and deals 200d20. These guns are mounted two per side outriggers in the tips.

[2] – Mk.1a Light Particle Beam Cannons

Capable of firing a 1000 mJ particle burst every second out to 10,000 kilometers and deals 100d20. These two guns are mounted in the bow to either side of the cockpit.

[72] – Heavy Craft Missile Launch Tubes

These are mounted under armored covers in the forward part of the engine nacelles that slide back into the nacelle housings revealing three rows of six tubes in each nacelle with each tube holding a single missile.

History & Data

The Malderon is the Fantan-Tyerian Republic’s main heavy attack craft and fills the same position as the Theban Cluster’s Talon-Class assault shuttle [except in a heavier role] and is crewed by Tyerians. The craft has two main parts to it the upper body witch holds the cockpit, tertiary cannons, heavy missile launchers and the outriggers for the secondary guns.

The upper part of the craft has the cockpit mounted to the front which holds the crew [3 personnel, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Weapon Specialist/Engineer] behind the actual control cabin is a very spacious lounge area with bunks along one wall and a kitchenette as well as bathing/bathroom facilities and a small cargo hold is behind this.

Aft and to the port and starboard sides are two pods that hold heavy missile banks the, the armored covers slide back into the auxiliary reaction engine housings revealing six rows of six missiles each for a total load out of 72 missiles.

Forward and to the sides of the cockpit are two light particle beam cannons and on the port and starboard outriggers are the secondary medium particle beam cannons [two on each outrigger].

Mounted below the amidships forward area is another outrigger that holds two heavy particle beam cannons.

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