The basic Kevlar jacket comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors

and designs. it is one of the most common fashion accessories available to the public today, and why not

have protection as well as comfort and style. The model on the top provides protection for the neck as well as the body and arms, while the one on the bottom sacrifices some upper body and neck defense for upper leg protection in the form of a three quarters length.

Class Type

Primary User Manufacturer Introduction
Impromptu Civilian Various 1978 C.E.
Material & Equipment
Sizes Small Medium Large
Cost 125~ 250~ 500~
Weight [lbs./kgs.] 1.1/0.5 2.1/0.9 4.2/1.9
Material Bonuses Center Of Mass Deflection Initiatives To Don
2 2 3
Armor Points Small Medium Large
11 21 42
Head Neck Chest Shoulders
0 2 2 2
Forearm Hand Stomach Pelvis
2 0 2 0
Knee Lower Legs Feet
0 0 0


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