&nbsp Civosian Cyber Slave

The Civosian Cyber Slaves are humans and humanoids captured by a massive computer sentience from an alternative future in the Hoag’s Galaxy.

The Civosian sentience captures and encases its victims in a metal and nanno-tex covered shell that takes over all functions of the victim and turns them into mindless slaves.

The Civosian Sentience believes that all flesh can be enhanced by roboteics and cybernetics and uses these slaves as cannon fodder and menial labors. It uses these to gather resources so that some day it may be able to escape the Unknown Planet.

Hit Points 225
Defense 15
Physical Exertion 10
Mental Exertion 2
Damage Deflection 5
Initiative 2
Encumbrance [lbs./kgs.] 45/20
Creature Size Medium
No. In Group 1d10
Bonus To Attack +0
Movement Rates
Walking 40
Running 80
Sprinting 160
Climbing 20
Jumping 10
Swimming 40
Flying N/A
Racial Abilities - None.
Claw Attack - The Civosian Cyber Slave is capable able of extruding titanium alloy claws from their fingernails.
Bonus To Hit +7
Type Melee
Damage 4d6/8d6
Critical 20
Range Personal
Rate Of Attack Twice Per Round Or Decapitation Attack On Critical Hit
Damage Type Slashing

Laser Eyes - The six smaller eyes arrayed around the larger central eye while having scanning abilities and line producers can also be used as low intensity lasers.
Bonus To Hit +1-+5
Type Ranged
Damage 2d6 Per Laser Eye
Critical 20
Range 60 Feet
Rate Of Attack 1 To 6 Attacks Per Round
Damage Type Energy
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