Thousands of Chickaurans have been imported from Hoag’s for their beautiful singing but there is a danger to them, their songs can stimulate the erogenous centers of the brain causing their victim to become aroused and tricked into ingesting a piece of sloughed off Chickauran flesh.

Found only in Hoag’s galaxy these proto-humans are believed to have originally been humans from ancient Greece brought to the planet by the race known only as the Unknowns.

Further study of the abandoned city of white rock [as called by the Chickarauns] the scientists were able to find a pool of the substance known as nanno-tex [this type of nanno-tex seems to be genetically engineerd to be naturally occurring and self-replicating; this is done in a similar manner as algae is created] that was a pale cream yellow in color in one of the deepest chambers.

Journals and carvings in the city show that the only food the ancient greeks could find was the pool of nanno-tex [which had apparently been genetically modified to be edible].

Apparently the Unknowns had modified the nanno-tex and left the Greeks there as an experiment and the Greeks ingested the substance which over time transformed them into the Chickaurans.

Among the physical changes that occurred were the creation of a spike that comes down from the heel similar in style to a shoes high heel thus putting the creatures feet in a pointed toe stance other changes to the foot include the complete merging of all metatarsal digits into a single mass.

The next major change was a complete covering of the creature’s body in a shiny coating of cream yellow nanno-tex. Among the other changes a fan tail of nanno-tex feathers grew from the tail bone of the creature and a short feather like covering of sprouted from the head also covered in nanno-tex, the final modification was the sealing of the arms to the side of the body with the palms flat against the legs.

It is believed that the current Chickaurans are actually the original Greeks and their long line of victims.

While the Chickaurans may seem all innocent and child like the race can actually be very dangerous especially the females. The females can emit a sonic resonance in their singing that can entrance both males and females of most humanoid races [specifically designed hearing protection must be worn to protect against this].

The sonic resonance stimulates the erogenous zones of the humanoid brain causing the person to enter a trance like state then tricks them into ingesting part of their flesh that they can slough off on command.

Hit Points 60
Defense 15
Physical Exertion 3
Mental Exertion 2
Damage Deflection 1
Initiative 5
Encumbrance [lbs./kgs.] 45/20
Creature Size Medium
No. In Group 1d20
Bonus To Attack +0
Movement Rates
Walking 40
Running 120
Sprinting 240
Climbing 30
Jumping 10
Swimming 40
Flying N/A
Racial Abilities -

Sonic Resonance - The Chickauran’s emit a special sonic resonance that can send any humanoid in a fifty foot radius into a trance leaving them pliable to the female chickaurans and which eventually leads to the victim imbibing from the Chickauran’s flesh or the edible nanno-tex pool. Any creature that does not make a DC15 mental exertion is under the complete control of the Chickaurans.

Talon Attack - The Chickaurans have an extremely sharp and pointy talon on the heels of their feet that are used in a pounce or kick like attack.
Bonus To Hit +2
Type Melee
Damage 1d6/2d6 [Ignores 1 DD]
Critical 20
Range Personal
Rate Of Attack Twice Per Round Or A Single Pounce Attack Using Both
Damage Type Piercing
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