The Caterhan when encountered were not a very technologically advanced race and were about the pre-industrial revolution stage.

The Caterhan have a very matriarchal system with the women being very muscular and authoritative, the males while not as large as the females are still very muscular.

Recent genetic testing shows that the Caterhan have actually evolved from an offshoot of their home planets large cats and still retain the sharp edged nails and toes as well as lithe musculature [although even more testing shows that this is only part of their genetic make-up].


The Caterhan could almost be said to have the personality of a cat, they are often quick to anger, act as if they are the true masters of everything although this seems to be leavened by an equal percentage of feline humor.


Caterhan Females stand up to heights of six feet and weigh up to as much as 175lbs. [there is no such thing as a fat Caterhan]. They exude a feline sexuality that can overwhelm most males of any race and their exotic bodies are filled with lithe musculature and their skin tones range from pale Caucasian to bronze with what at first could almost be considered tribal like tattoos but in actuality are the markings that identify their tribe of origin and first start to appear around puberty, they also have overly long finger and toenails that are extremely hard and are somewhere between nail and horn. Most Caterhan run around in rather skimpy outfits considering their planet of origin is a sweltering jungle forest.

Caterhan males stand just barely over five feet tall and are very portly with overly long arms and a stomach that would be considered overly large if it weren’t for the muscles in their legs and arms that allow them to do the manual labor they are suited for.


The Caterhan get along with most races save for those pretty much bent on galactic domination.


Previously the Caterhan had worshipped nature gods or gods of the hunt but upon acceptance into the galactic community they have spread there worship to deities such as Artemis and Bast.


The Caterhan speak Cater which sounds very much like yowls and hisses but does have some odd guttural undertones to it.



Life Span

250-375 Years

Starting Age

16-20 Years Of Age

Skin Color

Pale Caucasian to Bronzed Tan with dark gray/brown tribal markings visible under the skin.

Hair Color

Black with green or blue highlights, or Silver/White with blue or purple tint to it.

Eye Color

Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange


Bite - 1d6

Scratch - 1d6 [Hands Or Feet]


Male & Female


40 Feet Per Round


Female - 5’6” To 6’2” Or 1.7-1.9 Meters

Male - 4’ 5” To 5‘ Or 1.3-1.6 Meters


Female - 135-175lbs. Or 60-78kgs.

Male - 90-135lbs. Or 40-60kgs.




The Caterhan generally populate planets with extensive rain forests or even large desert regions, generally the hotter the better when it comes to their planets.





Birth Rate

Generally the Caterhan give birth to litters of four.

In Game Bonus

Enhanced Metabolic Rate - The Caterhan have an enhanced metabolic rate that allows them to heal twice as fast as other races; however this does have the drawback to it that they must eat twice as much food and get 1.5 times the normal sleep of other races as well.

Night Vision - The Caterhan can see clearly in darkness as long as there is at least some sort of light source even if it is a faint glow from under a door.

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