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Welcome to the Coronet the gateway to the known Galaxy [and by extension Merc.NET].

Is this your first time at the Coronet; it is; well lets give you a little bit of a tour and some background information on the Coronet itself.

The Coronet was originally believe to have been created by a race called the Progenitors; I'm sure you've heard of them before but we won't get into that right now.

However with some recent findings; well recent in the galactic standard anyway, 200 years or so ago; it was found that a race called the Sinveck actually created the Coronet and was later found by the Progenitors who used the advanced technology to create the Hyperspace Gate Network which allows single day transit between the Coronet and any other gate and vice versa.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how paranoid you are the Progenitors designed the gate network so that you can't travel between gates but must first pass through the Nexus here at the Coronet, it is believed this was done mainly as a military precaution but also as a way to levey taxes and tariffs on cargo passing through the various systems.

Now from the Coronet you can reach any system that has working Hyperspace gate, unfortunately not every system can afford a gate but it is hoped that since the cost of gate manufacturing decreases that it will be possible to link every inhabited system in the known galaxy.

Now the Coronet is actually located at the center of the Milky Way galaxy balanced on the edge of the Black Hole's event horizon.

Oh, why doesn't it get sucked in, well it seems that the Progenitors were able to create some sort of magnetic lid that not even our most brilliant scientists are able to understand yet.

As for the Coronet itself it is a huge facility; almost the same size as the Earth's Moon; and gets its name from the fact that with it's upward sailing docking pylons and ring like construction makes it look like a Coronet or crown especially when all of its docking and hazard lights are seen from a distance.

Now the Coronet isn't all alone in the center of the galaxy, it also shares this space with five huge gas giants and single inhabitable planet this about the size of Sol System's Jupiter and oddly enough only has a single standard gravity and is populated by people and beings from all across the galaxy.

Well that's it for the tour of the center of the milky way galaxy, please enjoy your stay.

Oh you aren't staying long, well let me see your boarding pass.

Ah, the gangway for the passenger ship you'll riding on is on pylon 75, deck, 66, gangway 239; it was nice meeting you and have a nice day.

And feel free to explore the Coronet and our interactive GalactaNET database on the Galaxy that was graciously donated and updated by Sargasso Deeps.

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