Covenant Arms AAC-303 CAAW Ground Attack Craft/Support Landing Craft





Back Ground Information

[Service History]


AAC-303A - Served From 4500 C.E.


AAC-303B - Served From 5308 C.E.

[Primary User]


Watch Dog Alliance Military Forces – Valpine Wild, Pefteran Sultanate, Crystan Geode, Ursanite Free Union, Mordecaian Empire [No Longer A Member], Prax-Krullian Royal Kingdom, Halamaran Conjunction [No Longer A Member], Woflen Den, Caterhan Pride, Rooin Republic, Aquarian Reef, Zanalan Republic, Indrian Cordon, Sandranite Democratic Republic, Sarhelian Hive, Sharkallan Pod.



Covenant Arms









1 Pilot


1 Comm.


1 Gunner




10.0 Meters



20.0 Meters



13.9 Meters



278.0 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits



375K [75]



216 Hours



40 Cells




RPG Stats






75 Dam Def



LEV 2 [+4]



15 Dam Def



Huge [12]

[Hit Points]




[3] – Covenant Arms PBC75 Heavy Particle Beam Cannons

Capable Of Firing A 75 mJ [3d20+15] Pulse Every 6 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] from each barrel out to a range of 2,250 Meters [450 Feet]; this gun can fire semi-automatically doing 3d20+15 or burst fire doing 7d20+10. These guns are mounted aft dorsal on the port and starboard and amidships.


[3] – Covenant Arms IDFM200 Ion Mortars

Capable of firing a 200 mJ energy packet each [10d20] every minute.

These indirect fire Ion Mortars can each fire an electro-magnetically encased 200 mJ Ion packets out to a five kilometer range.

History & Data

The A4000 is the Watch Dog Alliances main ground support aircraft and comes in two variants, the first of these is the A4000A which carries three particle beam cannons capable of direct fire support of ground troops and a limited anti-air capability; while the A4000B has three Ion mortars replacing the particle cannons and are only capable of in-direct fire support.

The A4000 also has the secondary role of being able to drop small squads of troops [each of the sponsons can carry up to five Hardsuited personnel] these troops exit the craft via two ramps located at the front of the sponsons; the craft can also carry other small cargos such as munitions and small vehicles.

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