Douglas Aerospace C-907 Anacosta

The is the largest amphibious landing capable aircraft in service today. Able to land on both land and water is a definite plus for the airliner, which has been purchased extensively by inter-galactic airlines offering services to various locations.

Layout - The A4-88 Airbus is very straightforward in it's layouts - The forward nose section holds the cockpit and main engineering bay, as well as the crew lounge and galley. Aft of this is the stewardess duty area and first class kitchen and storage room, aft of this is the first class passenger area which includes a lounge, dining area and then seating and a few private cabins. This area holds fifty passengers. The second level down holds second-class passenger seating and lounge with a second class galley and storage. This area holds 150 passengers. On the lowest passenger deck is business-class the arrangement being the same except their is no lounge for the business-class and only seating. This deck can hold up to 250 passengers. The lowest deck holds the cargo and can even hold small vehicles.

Class Type

Sea Landing Capable Civilian Transport


Douglas Aerospace


Name Location Abr.

- - -

Service Entry Date


Primary User


Build Time



Height / [/ft] Meters

Length / [/ft] Meters

Width / [/ft] Meters

Weight 45.0 [49.5st] Metric Tons

Crew & Passenger Complement

Crew 20 Total

Pilots 2

Engineers 3

Stewardesses 20

Passengers 450

Max. Evacuation Capacity None

Endurance & Mobility Limits

Max. Speed 832 KPH [16 Squares]

Powercell Endurance 800 Hours

Power & Motive Systems

Power Supply 1 Caruther’s Aircraft Corporation CC-4-1-202 Powercell Energizer Using 4 Standard Size HBT Power Cells

Motive System 1 Caruther's Aircraft Corporation Model CC-210-1- 202 Counter Gravity Unit Allowing For A Maximum Height Of two hundred and fifty Meters Mounted In The Main Aft.

Gross Maneuvering Eng. None.

Maneuvering Engines 1 Caruther's Aircraft Corporation Model CC-405-1- 202 Main Thrusters Mounted Two Per Rear Side Bodies

Fine Maneuvering Engines None.

Sensor Systems 1 Caruther's Aircraft Corporation Model CC-1-1-202 Sensor System Capable Of Identifying Threats And Engaging Them. System has Standard & Infrared Optics And System Gives A +2 To Computer Use Checks & Attack Rolls.

Other Systems & Equipment

Shield System 5%

Sensor Systems Level 1 - +2

Armor Type Battle Plate II - 10DD

Weapon & Defensive Systems

1 Caruther's Aircraft Corporation Mk.15 Laser Pulse Cannon Capable Of Firing A 15 mJ [2d6+3] Pulse Every 3 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] Out To A Range Of 250 Meters [50 Feet]. This gun is mounted on the extreme nose of the craft under the sensor system plate.





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