Blood Crow

Blood Crows are nasty blood red birds that look almost exactly like a regular crow Exertion for their dark blood red feathers and bright scarlet beak.

These birds were genetically engineered by some unknown person to be either an experiment or guards, no one is really sure and these things have devastated entire planets populations with the infectious nanno-virus that they carry.

There are two types of blood crows, one is the standard size blood crow and then there is the giant blood crow which act as leaders.

Stats Regular Giant
Hit Points 4 20
Defense 19 17
Physical Exertion 13 11
Mental Exertion 4 5
No. Of Attacks 1 1
Damage Deflection 0 0
Initiative 2 1
Encumbrance [lbs./kgs.] 9/4 36/16
Creature Size Tiny Small
No. In Group 1 or 1d12+1 1
Bonus To Attack +2 +1
Movement Rates
Walking 25 30
Running N/A N/A
Sprinting N/A N/A
Climbing N/A N/A
Jumping N/A N/A
Swimming N/A N/A
Flying 50 50
Racial Abilities - None.

Infectious Bite - Blood Fever - The blood crows are infected with a nasty nanno-viral called blood fever, whenever they peck or bite a victim they must make a DC19 Exertion or become infected with this virus.

After 24 hours the victim falls into a coma and over the next 72 hours their skin takes on a dark red coloration and the veins and arteries across the body raise from the skin turning a black color as do the nails, hair, and eyes.

Once the 72 hour time span has passed the victim awakens with no intelligence whatsoever and attacks the nearest living thing and attempts to eat them.

While these new creatures are referred to as blood zombies they are not zombies in the strictest sense and take damage normally and can be killed just like any other living creature.

It is thought that the Giant Blood Crows may have some sort of control over these creatures.

Bite/Peck Attack

A Blood Crow’s only form of attack is with their beak.

Bonus To Hit +2 +1
Type Melee Melee
Damage 1d3 1d6
Critical 20 20
Range Personal Personal
Rate Of Attack Once Per Round Once Per Round
Damage Type Slashing/Piercing Slashing/Piercing
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