Black Fly-Class Attack Craft

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served with the Hegeran Hegemony from 4987 C.E.

[Primary User]


Hegeran Hegemony



Hegeran Design Bureau














5.0 Meters



15.0 Meters



15.0 Meters



875 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits




[Dry Stores]


1 Week

[Fusion Reactor]



[C-Y Drive]



[Thruster Banks]






RPG Stats

[Turn Radius]








LEV 2 [+4]







[Hit Points]



[6] – Mk.2A Medium Particle Beam Cannons

Capable of firing a 2000 mJ particle burst every second out to 20,000 kilometers and deals 200d20.

These are mounted in two clusters of three guns each in the side body tips and are generally fired in tandem.

[4] – Mk.1A Light Particle Beam Cannons

Capable of firing a 1000 mJ particle burst every second out to 10,000 kilometers and deals 100d20.

These are mounted in a single cluster under the main ventral cockpit and fire in tandem.

[8] – Mk.1 Heavy Craft Missile Tubes

Capable of firing a single missile every four seconds, these launchers each have a cylinder magazine holding five missiles each.

These launchers are mounted four per side body on the amidships ventral.

[12] – Mk.2 Medium Craft Missile Tubes

Capable of firing a single missile every three seconds, these launchers are fed from a cap like magazine loaded from the upper hull and holds sixty missiles.

These launchers are mounted in the aft ventral of the main body.

*Varies [There is one fold down jumpseat in the cockpit and additional passengers can be carried in the lounge/bunk area.

History & Data

The Black Fly is the Hegeran Hegemony’s main heavy attack craft and fills the same position as the Theban Cluster’s Talon-Class assault shuttle [except in a heavier role]. The craft has four main sections; the first of these is the cockpit that makes up the forward third of the main hull and is only about half as wide. The cockpit holds the crew; which includes the pilot, co-pilot, and EW/Radar Specialist, gunner [which controls both the under-belly turret, and side-body mounted energy guns], and finally the missile tech that controls the craft’s various missile systems.

Behind the cockpit is a small lounge area with four bunks and a tiny kichenette as well as a head and electronics crawlway entry [the EW/R Specialist and Missile Tech share engineering duties]. On the bottom of the cockpit is the secondary turret containing four light particle beam cannons used for strafing, anti-infantry, and light anti-vehicle duty.

The second part of the craft is the main body which is mounted behind the cockpit and is rather wide and flat and contains the main motive system, and power source as well as containing the secondary missile armament of twelve medium missile tubes in a bank of two rows of six each, these missiles are fed by a round cap like magazine that is loaded through the top of the craft [the top of the magazine looks almost like a radar-radome] and holds sixty medium weight missiles.

Just forward of the missile tubes is the main sensor array in the shape of a half sphere and holds the crafts sensor and communications systems.

The last portions of the craft are the two side bodies that are capable of tilted up or down allowing the two main turrets to fire at a number of arcs, which these are triple barreled medium PBC cannons mounted in the tips; other weapon systems include four heavy missile tubes mounted on the underside of the side bodies with each tube holding five missiles. The last portion of the side bodies is the rotating vectored thrust engines that used hydrogen to fuel them and allow the craft to rapidly change angles and to descend and ascend faster than what the main motive system would normally allow.

It is not uncommon to see a Black Fly flying at strange angles with the side bodies tilted at different degrees.

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