The Belhust are a race of humanoids that have minor shape shifting capabilities and are very cannibalistic in nature.

The Belhust will hunt a victim for days before striking and then when all is said and done there won’t be anything left but bones and a few chunks of meat.

When attacking Belhust used specially made magical weapons [even spell guns that were created even before the New Avalonians made theirs]. The weapons while inflicting the normal type of damage that this type of weapon does as well as the same amount in cold damage and a person loses all feeling in that area no even realizing they are wounded.

Belhust also have the ability shape shift and often shape shift into someone familiar to the victim and will appear as someone different to each person in a party.

Belhust in their natural form stand approximately six feet tall and have bluish green pebbled skin and have red hair that sticks out in all directions.

Stats Regular
Hit Points 140
Defense 16
Physical Exertion 4
Mental Exertion 4
Damage Deflection 2 Ice/Cold
Initiative 0
Encumbrance [lbs./kgs.] 45/20
Creature Size Medium
No. In Group 1
Bonus To Attack 0
Movement Rates
Walking 40
Running 80
Sprinting 160
Climbing 20
Jumping 10
Swimming 40
Flying N/A
Racial Abilities -

Mental Mimicry - To get closer to their victims the Belhust’s mental abilities allow them to mimic someone that is a known to their victim, a person must make a DC20 mental Exertion or be fooled into thinking it is the person the Belhust is mimicking.

The only draw back to this power is that every person sees a different individual, so if party members start comparing notes.

Imbue Weapon - The Belhust is able to imbue its weapon with magical cold that also numbs the victim making them think they haven’t been wounded.

Attacks - Per Weapon
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