Barracuda Sparrow

The Barracuda is a vicious bird that has a jaw full of razor sharp teeth and attacks and kills most things that come into their territories, mostly these birds live solitary lives except during mating season but if found in flocks it means that something bad is going to happen and any hapless person has a less than 1% chance of living through an encounter with these birds.

Stats Regular Giant
Hit Points 4 20
Defense 20 19
Physical Exertion 13 12
Mental Exertion 5 5
No. Of Attacks 1 1
Damage Deflection 0 0
Initiative 3 1
Encumbrance [lbs./kgs.] 3/1.3 36/16
Creature Size Diminutive Small
No. In Group 1 or 2d12 1 or 1d12+1
Bonus To Attack +3 +1
Movement Rates
Walking 15 30
Running N/A N/A
Sprinting N/A N/A
Climbing N/A N/A
Jumping N/A N/A
Swimming N/A N/A
Flying 120 60
Racial Abilities - None.
Bite/Peck Attack
Bonus To Hit +3 +1
Type Melee Melee
Damage 1d4 1d6
Critical 20 20
Range Personal Personal
Rate Of Attack Once Per Round Once Per Round
Damage Type Slashing/Piercing Slashing/Piercing
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