Northrop Grumman ASB-120 Atropine Aerospace Bomber

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served With the UEF Navy & Air Force From 2415 To 2520 C.E.

[Primary User]


120A – Served With The United Earth Forces Navy as a medium bomber from 2415 to 2503 C.E.


120B – Served with the United Earth Forces Navy & Air Force as a medium bomber from 2503 To 2509 C.E.


120C – Served with the United Earth Forces Navy & Air Force as a medium bomber from 2509 To 2520 C.E.



Northrop Grumman









1 Pilot


1 Co-Pilot




5.5 Meters



17.3 Meters



13.6 Meters



18.8 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits



1100 [220]



370 Hours



6 Cells



2 Jets

RPG Stats






75 Dam Def



LEV 2 [+4]



15 Dam Def



HG [14]

[Hit Points]



[1] – GAU12/U 25mm Quintuple-Barrel Gatling Cannon

This gun is mounted in the nose of the craft just forward and under the cockpit along with 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

[2] – Conformal Hard-Points

These are mounted to the outsides of the engines and can hold the following ordnance –

· 1 Medium Range Missile.

[8] – Under-Wing Hard-Points For Ordnance

Mounted under each wing are four ordnance hard-points and can mount but is not limited to the following –

· Triple-MER Holding Three Medium Range Missiles

· Dual-MER Holding Two Long Range Missiles

· 5 250kgs. Bombs

· 2 500kgs. Bombs

· 1 1,000kgs. Bombs

History & Data

The ASB-120 was built as a medium bomber and was designed to replace several other light bomber aircraft that were in service with the UEF Navy and Air Force.

The ASB-120 incorporated the latest in stealth technology and was used aboard the Navy’s carrier groups.

Even though the ASB-120 fit most of the Navy’s criteria they were still on the lookout for an even more capable craft with an even cheaper price tag.

In its later incarnations the Atropine saw use during the Third Solar War. However, since the plane was definitely not a fighter, it was most often used as a more traditional bomber or as a stand-off missile launcher. As such, it saw service until 2520 C.E. with the only real differences between the three models being avionics upgrades.

Although the Atropine is touted as being an aerospace bomber the reality is that it is more of a sub-orbital support fighter/bomber and the only time they really spent in space was when they are first inserted into their combat zone.

Although they were officially retired in 2520 the Atropine did see limited use during the 1st Pan-Galactic War whenever a Scultor fighter would manage to break through the barrier.

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