Caruthers Aircraft Corporation AV-35 Aerial Assault Bike

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served from 5953 C.E.

[Primary User]


Galactic Patrol Highway & Skyway Enforcement Division



Caruther’s Aircraft Corporation











1.5 Meters



4.0 Meters



4.5 Meters



4.8 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits



226K [45]



160 Hours



4 Cells




RPG Stats






50 Dam Def



LEV 1 [+2]



10 Dam Def



Sm. [20]

[Hit Points]



[1] - Caruthers AC CAC45 Laser Pulse Cannon

Capable Of Firing A 15 mJ [2d6+3] Pulse Every 3 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] from each barrel out to a range of 250 Meters [50 Feet]; this gun can fire semi-automatically doing 2d6+3, burst fire 5d6 or fully automatic 7d6+3. This gun is mounted on the extreme nose of the craft under the sensor system plate.

History & Data

The AV-35 started replacing the older AV-34 in 5953 and by 5972 had almost completely replaced it.

The AV-35 is very similar in design to the AV-34 save that it has done away with the forward windscreen completely.

The single counter gravity engine and booster have been replaced by two boosters mounted to the forward sides of the body and the two vectored counter gravity engines mounted at the ends of the wings.

Another addition is the replacement of the CAC15 single barrel gun with a triple-barreled CAC45 in the same location.

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