Caruthers Aircraft Corporation AV-34 Aerial Assault Bike

Back Ground Information

[Service History]


Served from 4540 to 5972 C.E.

[Primary User]


Galactic Patrol Highway & Skyway Enforcement Divisions



Caruthers Aircraft Corporation











1.5 Meters



3.0 Meters



3.0 Meters



2.4 Tons

Endurance & Mobility Limits



113K [23]



320 Hours



4 Cells




RPG Stats






50 Dam Def



LEV 1 [+2]



10 Dam Def



Sm. [20]

[Hit Points]



[1] - Caruthers AC CAC15 Laser Pulse Cannon

Capable Of Firing A 15 mJ [2d6+3] Pulse Every 3 Seconds [Semi-Automatic] Out To A Range Of 250 Meters [50 Feet]. This gun is mounted on the extreme nose of the craft under the sensor system plate.

History & Data

The AV-34 is the oldest model of AV bike used by the Galactic patrol, they’ve used it pretty much since the inception of the Galactic Patrol and can still be found in mostly only rural backwater systems and somewhat armored with a stripped down body and a front mounted Pulse Laser Cannon.

The craft can seat a single person and has two stubby wings and a rounded off windscreen.

This was later replaced by the AV-35 almost completely save for some back water systems.

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